About Tribio Puzzles

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Help the pelicans hurt by the pollution!

Make 3 healthy pelicans to heal the sick pelicans on the puzzle board.

Study the puzzle board and connect 3 healthy pelicans to heal the others!

A fun new puzzle board game that also helps improve thinking!

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★Pelican-saving, strategic board game puzzle!

There are sick pelicans on the board. Carefully place healthy pelicans

to heal the rest, but you must think out where to place them.

It's possible that they won't be healed if you place them in the wrong spot.

Mixes strategy and reasoning that combines elements from other board games such othello, chess, and go.

★Minimize the number of turns and make successful links!

Don't just place the pelicans anywhere! Read the situation

and think about where to place the pelicans. Try to heal as many pelicans as you can in one go. Minimize the number of turns, clear the stages,

increase your thinking skills, and raise your score.

★Experience Stage Mode and Challenge Mode!

Try out Stage Mode that constantly has new maps, and Challenge Mode, where you try to get to the highest round possible within the time limit.

★Use items and cute character skins!

Use items and character skins for difficult stages. The Undo item is quite powerful. Or try a Hint if you're stuck. You can buy other character skins from the shop with gold or feathers, or acquire them as rewards from playing.

Game Features

* A match 3 puzzle board game that mixes strategy and intuition seen in games like go and othello

* 600 stages

* Easy, Hard, and Special difficulties

* Stage Mode and Challenge Mode

* A game to be enjoyed by all

* Free download, and doesn't require an internet connection (can play the game in airplane mode)

* Short and fun time-killer

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